This is a topic that came to mind while reading some of the recent posts on the main site, and I decided to make a small article about it. Questioning is something that is, and definitely should be, encouraged within the kin community. It’s important to identify why you feel the way you do and… Read More

Awakening As Elsa By Scandiacus “Fictionkin”. I had scoffed at the word and its very implications. The concept of fictionkin has always seemed more than far-fetched. How could anyone possibly be a fictional character? How is it even remotely credible to claim to be someone from a piece of media that wasn’t even in existence… Read More

I talked yesterday with a fictionkin person who had never heard of the term ‘awakening’. Honestly this didn’t shock me as much as it would have many years ago. Its a term I rarely hear these days that was much more prevalent earlier in the community’s history. The term awakening began in the Otherkin community… Read More

Awakening is a sort of nebulous and mysterious process in the otherkin, therian, and fictionkin communities, as we’ve all heard the term, we all know about the process, but it’s unique to each individual (and to each system). We don’t awaken uniformly, some undergo different circumstances which cause awakenings, and when someone believes they are… Read More

Awakening: A Constant Journey By Foxmorph The way I view awakening is less of an end goal and more of a constant process through which one discovers new aspects of themselves and learns how they all connect. Just because you have awoken to one aspect doesn’t mean you know everything about yourself, your kintypes, or… Read More

Awakening is such a personal topic, to which there are few wrong answers (that is not to say that mistakes will not be made along the way). There isn’t much of a defined way one goes about awakening although there is some commonalities that can be found with many people (trauma, mental state, and spiritual… Read More

My system’s history is lengthy, and honestly a little complex. We’ve been on the fence about the totality of our identity for a long, long while, and we’ve spent many years bouncing back and forth between similar– if not, the same identities, interests, focuses, personality traits, and so forth… wondering why things came and went… Read More

I do want to start out by saying the following; I by no means am an expert. My thoughts and writings are a representation of how I have interpreted things over the years. I do not speak for all fictionkin. I have been a part of the greater otherkin community for approximately a decade this… Read More