Downtime and Recovery

Over the past few days, you may have noticed a great deal of activity and interruption at In Canon. On May 6th, our shared hosting provider was hit with a large scale DDoS attack against their entire service globally, the worst being Detroit, where we were housed. It was uncovered through these attacks that the Detroit data centre was incapable of handling such an attack and caused massive downtime for all customers including ourselves. To my knowledge, these attacks are indeed still ongoing with this host, and on May 10th, we began the process of relocating (to a VPS) now based in Toronto. We have also migrated all data back to the MyBB software as our forum platform due to security concerns arising from this incident, and ease of use.

Due to the forum migration, all users will be required to perform a password reset to be able to access the forum. Use the Forgot Password link from the forum login and follow the prompts to complete the reset. Please ensure to check your SPAM folder if you do not receive the email right away. If there is any issue with this or if your email address is out of date, please contact one of the staff members to assist you via discord or email [email protected],org for assistance. There also was an issue with the transfer of some avatars/profile info which is often the case with forum migrations, and you may need to update this information.
I want to finally say that while there is still a lot of work ahead for us, that your patience and understanding has been very much appreciated and we do hope to rise up from this situation as a better website and forum, and be ready for growth. I will continue to work hard as always to support and get things running smoothly again.
Thank you,

– Fortissimo

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