Mobile App For Forum (Tapatalk)

By popular request, I have brought back Tapatalk for members to be able to participate on the forums easily from mobile devices from the app. Just download Tapatalk from Google Play or the Apple App Store, and search for “In Canon” and you can add it! This makes things easier to be able to post and read threads while on the go over using a mobile browser (and less data intensive).

Some quick notes about the app when using it with In Canon:

– You cannot register for the first time through the mobile app. Members will need to register through the website and have their account approved as normal before using.

– While the app connects to our site via API, we are not the developer and issues may occur. We will try to assist if problems to arise, but please be aware we may refer you to Tapatalk Support.

Happy Posting.

– Fortissimo

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