Alternate Universe: Commonly used by fictionkin who don’t fully identify with their canon’s timeline.

Canon: A work of fiction that one originates from (species, character).

Factkin: Someone who identifies as a person not originating from a work of fiction, often celebrities or notable people of interest. Factkin refers to singlet, where the plural term is Factive (in a system).

Fictionflicker: Describing a temporary shift, where a fictional character may appear for a brief or temporary amount of time (generally caused by circumstance). May be related/similar to soulbonds in some cases.

Fictionkin: Are a sub-community of otherkin with their identities stemming from a work of fiction. Identities can range from specific characters (from television, books, video games, and other media sources), from a race created within a work of fiction, or invented species. Fictionkin generally refers to the singlet, while Fictive is generally used for plural systems.

Specific Character: Rin Okumura, Blue Exorcist. Thranduil from LOTR. Race: Blood Elf, Referencing World of Warcraft.
Species: A dragon from Aragorn (unspecified from the main cast).

Otherkin identifying as races from fiction have existed since the beginning of the Otherkin community. Specific words separating ‘fictionkin’ from Otherkin did not start to appear until the early 2000s. The first time ‘Otakin’ was used was in 2001, in a particular website called ‘Temple of the Ota’Kin’.
The first fiction-focused otherkin community was created on livejournal in 2004, initially calling these kin otakin, or otakukin. The name was later changed to ‘from-fiction’, some time after 2006.
The term ‘fictionkin’ first came into use in 2006, on livejournal, but was somewhat slow to spread.

Up until at least 2008 the fictionkin community was fairly small, and most members knew one another. There were only a few forums, mostly concentrated on livejournal, as well as a few message boards.

Alternate Terminology
Over the years there have been several other terms used to describe fictionkin, although many are now considered obsolete and inaccurate representations of the community as a whole.

Essentially the original name for the community, otakukin is a term occasionally still used by fictionkin whose identities come from Japanese media such as anime and manga. Its use is debated by many, however, as it neglects those who come from other media, and some find the use of the word otaku derogatory.

Relationship with the greater otherkin community
Although there is debate about whether or not fictionkin with human identities qualify as otherkin, there are many whose identities overlap with the otherkin community, or who started out as otherkin and eventually discovered they were fictionkin (for example, an elf who realizes they are actually Thranduil).

Otherkin: Someone who identifies as a race or species from fictional media/lore Ex: Dragon, elf, werewolf.

Polykin: A single individual with multiple kintypes.

Polymorph: A being with no set form or identity who may shift between different kintypes.

Therian: Someone who identifies as an animal that exists or has existed on this Earth. Ex: Cat, dog, bear.

Shifts: The feeling of spiritually or psychologically taking on characteristics of a kintype/kinself, but can also refer to being strongly connected to one’s kintype/kinself at a given time. Shifts may be voluntary, or they may happen involuntarily to the individual who experiences them.

Types of Shifts

Mental Shifts
A mental shift is when a person takes on the mentality of their kintype. This can range from the mundane to the extreme, and fictionkin often state they are nearly constantly in a mental shift at some level.

Phantom Shifts
Similar to phantom limb syndrome, phantom shifts cause the sensation of feeling the limbs or features of a person’s fictotype, theriotype, or kintype. Like any shift, phantom shifts can also be cameo (not caused by self, but rather an outer influence, such as a totem).

Astral Shifts
Astral shifts occur when a person is performing astral travel, and shifts.

Cameo Shifts
A cameo shift is a shift that is not linked with a person’s current kintypes. They may be reoccurring but are usually brief and non-permanent. Cameo shifts can be experienced in a variety of ways, including phantom sensations, or mental changes.

Soulbond: An entity which is connected to a person without existing directly within that person (or host). Can be temporary or longer term. Some soulbonds are able to “front” and speak directly, or may speak to the host.