Fictionkin (sometimes also referred to as mediakin and otakukin in older circles), are a sub-community of otherkin with their identities stemming from a work of fiction. Identities can range from specific characters (from television, books, video games, and other media sources), from a race created within a work of fiction, or invented species.


Specific Character: Rin Okumura, Blue Exorcist. Thranduil from LOTR.

Race: Blood Elf, Referencing World of Warcraft.

Species: A dragon from Aragorn (unspecified from the main cast).

This can often overlap with other sub-communities of otherkin (Thranduil could also classify as elven/elfkin as an example). There is still much debate and tension between the otherkin community as a whole and fictionkin regarding legitimacy, often due to extremist examples. Fictionkin typically subscribe to one or a combination of beliefs that: it is created through psychological trauma; it is a mental phenomena; they are the spiritual reincarnation of said character/species; or they just merely identify with them as similar to themselves (although this also can be explained as a soul bond depending on how it is approached).

There is still debate within the fictionkin community whether fictional characters who themselves are human qualify as otherkin.

This definition continues to evolve and develop much like the community.